Video creation in FS2004

For all who have difficulties to create their first video, here is a short instruction.

--- Click on Flight Video in the menu under Options. (1)

--- in the new window- click on Create New Clip ( 2 )
and what is very important for us, that you set the time to 1 sec.. If you want to end the recording, simply press the "ESC" key and the following window appears.

- Video clip title ( 4 ) type in the name for the video here
- Description ( 5 ) here you can briefly write the content of the video
- E.g. aircraft Boeing 737-800, flight from Hamburg to Munich, etc.
- Then click on ok and that was it.

You will find the finished video under the folder.
My Documents/Flight Simulator files/_Title of your video.FSR
(FSR is the file extension)

Now reduce this file with Winzip or 7zip and that was it.